The Prime Auto Transport Ideology


Prime Auto Transport is determined to have the highest standards for reliable auto transport in the world. Our business is based on integrity, dependability and complete customer satisfaction. We have a proven track record for having the best customer service in the industry and we strive to maintain that record with every vehicle that we ship by providing safe and secure auto transport at the most reasonable rates in the nation.

We have more than 30 years of auto transport experience and we know the ins and the outs of the business in great detail. We put our customer’s needs first and always treat each vehicle shipment as if we are shipping our own personal vehicle. Whether we have a customer that will only ship a car once in their life or one that ships on a regular basis, we treat every individual with respect and offer them the same value that we offer to everyone. We believe in treating our customers like family or close friends and never like a number in the books.

Our Company Goals

We set our goals high and work hard to not just meet them but to exceed them in every way possible. By doing this, we can guarantee that every customer we have will have prime auto transport services that just cannot be found with other companies. Some of the things we strive for are:

  • To continually fine tune our auto transport services including customer service as well as vehicle shipping time. We want our customers to have their vehicles delivered on time, every time and to always know that our customer service staff is there for them every mile of the way.
  • To fully focus on the needs of our customers and to treat each vehicle shipment as a completely unique shipment. We know that every individual has different needs and we always listen closely so we can ensure those unique needs are met.
  • To have the best customer communication in the industry. When our customers book auto transport with us, we stay in touch until the vehicle has been delivered. If there are any issues along the way, we correct those issues and work diligently to guarantee that each person has 100% satisfaction.
  • To maintain stellar safety standards with the carriers we work with in order to secure only secure and dependable transport for every vehicle we ship.
  • To constantly stay on top of the latest in tracking technology and other auto transport trends to be able to maintain excellent standards to stay on top of the auto transport business.

Auto Transport Services We Offer

Prime Auto Transport offers services catered to the individual needs of each customer we serve. Our auto transport services are door to door nationwide and you can always rest assured that your vehicle will be taken care of from the moment it is picked up until it has been delivered. All carriers that we work with are fully licensed and insured and all have safe driving records. For our customers, we offer dependable, reasonably priced auto transport that includes:

  • Nationwide Open Auto Transport for standard vehicles as well as boats, recreational vehicles, motorcycles and other vehicles.
  • Nationwide Enclosed Auto Transport for standard vehicles as well as sports cars, exotics, classics and vintage cars and luxury cars, motorcycles, All-terrain vehicles and others.
  • International Auto Transport for those that need to relocate to a new country and need to have their vehicle with them. You can speak to a member of our customer service staff to see what locations we service and get your vehicle shipped quickly and with the best rates in the industry for overseas shipping.

Ready to Get Started?


When you are ready to get a quote that is guaranteed to be the most reasonable in the auto transport industry and have your vehicle shipped with the safest and most secure transport available you can fill out the free, instant quote form or give one of our customer service agents a call for answers to your questions, a fully accurate quote and to have your vehicle scheduled fast for pickup and delivery to the new location.